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Uncontested divorces may help soon-to-be exes

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Asset Division

Going through a divorce is as difficult for Virginia residents as it is for any other couple in the US. It can be difficult to dissolve a marriage that started with so much hope. One of the best things that can happen in a divorce is that the split is amicable. An amicable split means that there isn’t any fighting or animosity over things like assets, children or anything else that needs to be divided. A divorce like this is called an uncontested divorce. It’s also referred to as a collaborative divorce for obvious reasons.

With an uncontested divorce, couples work out the terms of their split without having to go to court. Some people even go so far as to not have any attorney involvement at all. This isn’t a great solution for people who have assets to split, but it may be an idea to consider for a couple that has few or no belongings or anything else that needs to be divided.

For people who have considerable assets, lawyer involvement is still advised. There are so many rules, regulations and clauses attached to different types of assets. Failing to adhere to them could come back to bite someone further down the road if things were not handled through all the proper channels.

There are many great psychological reasons to opt for an uncontested divorce. It helps everyone stay calm and happy throughout negotiations. It prevents a lot of the stress that comes along with contested divorces. It helps establish future goodwill between the spouses, especially if there are children involved. Even if there are no children involved, an uncontested divorce is a good idea because it helps show friends and family that there are no hard feelings between the two soon-to-be-exes.

Couples who are looking to get a divorce may benefit from working with attorneys who have experience handling all different types of divorces. Working with a lawyer on an uncontested divorce can help everything go smoothly while affording both parties some peace of mind.