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Protect Your Future Through Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreements

Engaged couples look forward to their wedding day and the excitement that comes with planning a wedding, but only a few think about what will happen if the marriage ends at some point in the future. The attorneys at the Henrico law firm of Robert L. Isaacs & Associates, understand the importance of protecting your future financial and legal interests, even before you walk down the aisle.

Through carefully drafted prenuptial agreements or postnuptial agreements, we can help you secure peace of mind regarding contingencies in the future. If your marriage ends, your agreement will determine how property division will work among other issues and shield you from complex litigation. We look at the big picture for our clients, helping them make choices that not only make sense now but also years down the road.

Who Needs This Type Of Protection?

Couples draft a prenuptial agreement before marriage, or they have the option to draft a postnuptial agreement after marriage. Both of these options allow you to outline financial matters, property division and even financial expectations of both spouses in case of a divorce. This is a practical step for Virginia couples of all income levels, especially the following:

The critical issue with prenuptial or postnuptial agreements is validity. They often come under intense scrutiny during a divorce, but we know how to draft strong and enforceable agreements for our clients. Our firm has decades of experience in complex family law matters, and we understand how to protect the rights and interests of our clients while also helping them avoid missteps that could be costly in the future.

Start Working On Your Agreement Today

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