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How Will Your Divorce Affect Your Business?

The end of your marriage will have an impact on various areas of your life, including your small business. In fact, business assets may be marital property, which means they are eligible for property division in your divorce. At the law firm of Robert L. Isaacs & Associates, in Henrico, we help Virginia business owners and spouses of business owners reach a property settlement that protects and preserves the value of the business rather than destroying it.

Owning a family-run or small business can complicate matters of divorce. Our attorneys have extensive experience in complex and high-value marital property division, including business assets, real estate holdings and retirement funds. By looking at the big picture, we can help you fight for an outcome that is beneficial now and well into the future. We look for cost-effective solutions that will help you achieve your goals in a timely manner.

Determining The Value Of A Business

One of the most important steps in addressing a small business in a divorce is determining the true value of the company. An accurate valuation is necessary in order to ensure you get your rightful share of this marital property. We pursue a fair valuation, as well as help you address the following concerns you may have about your company and its future:

  • Continuation of operations during and after divorce
  • Keeping the business viable after dividing assets or other aspects of the company
  • What daily operations will look like after the divorce is final

We want to preserve your livelihood and help you protect the business you worked so hard to build. Our goal is to pursue solutions to issues regarding the division of marital property that will provide you with stability and security. Part of how we achieve that is by being straightforward about the strengths and weaknesses of the various available options for moving forward. Our honest guidance and tenacious representation of the interests of our clients is what sets our firm apart.

Complex Divorce Concerns? We Can Help.

Our team will work diligently on your behalf during the complex process of fighting for a fair property division order and addressing your family-owned business. To speak with a lawyer about your divorce and its impact on your small business, complete our online contact form or call us in Henrico at 804-728-0228.