Property Division

Property division, pension division and debt division as part of a divorce have a lifelong impact on the quality of your life. The end of a marriage is an emotional time, significantly affecting the ability to make clear and rational financial decisions. As your attorney, I will spend time with you to identify an individualized plan based on your needs and goals to achieve equitable division of property.

A Virginia Asset Division Attorney Protecting Your Property Rights

Division of property, meaning "assets and debt obligations," in Virginia, is called "equitable distribution." The court must first classify the property into one of three categories: marital, separate or hybrid. The court must also determine the property's value. Classification and valuation is determined through legal analysis, appraisals, tax assessments or expert opinions. The court, in determining how to divide this property, must consider factors such as:

  • Monetary and nonmonetary contributions of each spouse
  • Length of the marriage
  • Tax implications
  • Circumstances that contributed to the divorce, including adultery

Property division presents extremely complex challenges that require the help of a seasoned and dedicated legal team. Starting with your initial consultation, we will map out a detailed plan. Through the divorce process, we help identify, value and classify property accumulated during the marriage to protect your rights.

We have developed unique and proprietary tools to help facilitate and explain the division of assets. These tools simplify property division, keep the various assets and liabilities in proportionate perspective. Most importantly, they help us plan efficient strategies and solutions.

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