Our Firm Can Help Your Virginia Family Grow Through Adoption

Adoption is a beautiful way to grow your family, but it is also a complex legal process. We help Virginia families across the commonwealth effectively navigate the necessary steps to secure legal recognition of the bonds their family may already share. While experienced in all types of adoptions, we often help families with stepparent and grandparent adoption.

You may love your stepchildren like they were your own or you may be raising a grandchild, and it can be quite important to secure legal recognition of this relationship. Attorney Robert Isaacs and the rest of the team at Robert L. Isaacs, P.C., can help your family address your specific objectives and develop a strategy to help you succeed with your desire to adopt.

What Should You Know About The Adoption Process?

As a stepparent, you fill an important role in the lives of your stepchildren, and you may want to formalize this bond. The benefit of formal adoption is that it would establish legal rights for you in case of complications in the future. If this is your goal, it may be helpful for you to understand the following:

  • In stepparent adoption, you must have consent from the other birthparent before you can complete the process.
  • If consent is not given or the other parent is not present, you can seek a formal termination of parental rights.
  • A court may terminate parental rights in cases of an unfit parent, addiction problems or the lack of an active role in the life of the child.

We help stepparents understand this process, including same-sex couples seeking to legally establish their family relationships through adoption. Our experienced Henrico attorneys have helped grandparents petition the court for custody rights or full adoption of grandchildren in cases where the parents are not present or not fit to raise the children.

Experienced Help For Sensitive Matters

We understand that adoption, parental rights and the role of grandparents are all sensitive and potentially complex matters. Our team is committed to providing compassionate support, as well as practical guidance for families navigating these concerns. We look for comprehensive solutions to all of your family law concerns.

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