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Strategic Counsel And Representation For Businesses

Are you thinking of starting a new business in Virginia? Have an existing one? Thinking of selling one? The business law attorneys at Robert L. Isaacs & Associates, provide counsel and representation to business owners at all phases of the life of a business, from entity selection, ongoing business transactions and contract drafting. Our services for small businesses include:

Business entity selection: Providing advice regarding of the advantages and disadvantages of partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, corporations and unincorporated associations.

Business startup: Assisting with the details of starting and operating a business, including obtaining a federal identification number.

Contract preparation: Negotiating and preparing contracts for any business situation with accuracy and thorough planning.

Lease, purchase and sale negotiations: Negotiating the purchase, sale or lease of land, office space or retail operations, including contract preparation and closing.

Registered agent services: Providing for the receipt of service of process, annual report preparation, counsel services to all corporate entities

Stockholder agreements: Creating buy-sell agreements and setting parameters for the transfer of ownership within a corporation. Providing both counsel and adviser services on all corporate operation issues.

Ongoing advice: Ongoing corporate advice as requested and needed. Small-business owners frequently need an unbiased eye to evaluate opportunities, as well as troubleshoot. Robert L. Isaacs, Esquire, in particular, holds a B.A. in business management with a concentration in marketing from William & Mary. His law school, George Mason School of Law (now Antonin Scalia Law School) focused on economic and legal principals, and how they relate. This background coupled with his litigation experience has enabled him to help his small-business clients flourish. Please contact our office to discuss your particular small-business needs.

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