What Are Your Options When Divorce Is Not An Option?

There are times when Virginia couples may find themselves in a situation in which divorce is not appropriate or feasible, yet remaining as a couple is not possible either. If you are in a similar situation, you may find it beneficial to move forward with a formal separation. The Henrico law office of Robert L. Isaacs, P.C., helps our clients draft smart separation agreements that are enforceable and beneficial.

A separation agreement is much like a divorce, but there are significant differences between the two. This arrangement allows you to live separate lives, with separate finances, yet remain formally married. If you are not ready for divorce, our attorneys and team will help you make smart decisions that are most beneficial for both your current needs and your long-term interests.

Why Separate Instead Of Divorce?

Separation is a beneficial option for couples that are unsure if they are ready to move forward with divorce. This gives them an opportunity to go to counseling, work on financial concerns and carefully consider all options before making a life-altering choice. A separation agreement can address the following:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Financial support
  • Property division

One of the benefits of a separation agreement is that it can serve as the foundation for a divorce order if you decide to move forward with that option in the future. In Virginia, divorcing couples that have a separation agreement will be able to skip certain administrative processes – making the divorce faster and easier.

When drafting a separation agreement, you have a significant amount of leeway to make it work well for your unique situation. Our team can help custom tailor creative and personal solutions that will work best for your family.

Learn About Your Options Today

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